It was at the end of June that the 33-year-old police officer Andreas Danman was shot dead during a routine mission in Biskopsgården.

Two days later, a 17-year-old could be arrested on suspicion of murder, he has always denied any wrongdoing.

During the investigation, the police have arrested another person who is suspected of protecting criminals.

The murder of Andreas Danman sent shock waves through the country;

politicians called it, among other things, an attack on the democratic society.

In the early autumn, the city of Gothenburg decided to appoint an accident commission to investigate why no more was done despite warning signals to stop young people from ending up in criminal gangs. 

- We have failed in our work and we must find out why, said municipal councilor Karin Pleijel (MP).

Demonstrated "norm-breaking behavior"

But the assassination has also led to increased demands for force in the fight against organized crime.

Police officer Hannah Bergelin started collecting names to give the police more methods such as secret interception without suspicion of crime and increased penalties for crimes in a gang environment.

- It is time that we put plaintiffs and witnesses in focus, they are the ones we need to protect and help.

The criminals and convicts, our rights must be set aside, she said, among other things.

The 17-year-old detainee has previously been convicted of a serious violent crime and a statement from the social services states that the 17-year-old has shown "norm-breaking behavior" and that several reports of concern have been received by the social services, especially from the police and school.

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Police murdered in Biskopsgården in Gothenburg - this has happened.

Photo: SVT