In the case of the NSU 2.0 threatening letter, the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office has brought charges.

The 53-year-old suspect, an unemployed man from Berlin who has been in custody since March, is accused.

Under the acronym NSU 2.0, he is said to have sent threatening letters nationwide against "numerous public figures" since August 2018.

In addition, 67 cases of attempted coercion, threats, disparagement of the memory of the deceased, disturbance of the public peace through threats of criminal offenses, dissemination of symbols of unconstitutional organizations, public incitement to criminal offenses, sedition, assault on law enforcement officers, possession of child pornography and a violation charged against the weapons law.

Katharina Iskandar

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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In the 120-page indictment, the investigative authorities set out in detail how exactly the accused was supposed to have carried out the crimes.

116 He wrote threatening letters and sent them using free SMS and fax services using a Tor browser.

He had signed it with "Heil Hitler" or "SS-Obersturmbannf├╝hrer".

The letters contained insults such as "Turkish pig", "Shit turks", "People's pest", caraway dealer "," brain-dead shit kebab "and" waste products ".

There were threats, among other things, with "piss off while you still get out of here alive" or that family members would be "slaughtered with barbaric sadistic severity". The threatening letters were often set up in the form of an official or official letter with salutation, cover letter and greeting or in the form of a court judgment, as the public prosecutor further announced. In a large number of cases, the accused is said to have given personal and, in some cases, not freely accessible data of the exclusively female addressees in order to intensify the threat. According to the result of the investigation, the public prosecutor's office assumes that he has obtained this using a legend by pretending to be an employee of an authority.

The public prosecutor's office also assumes that the 53-year-old accused acted alone. "The initial suspicion that police officers could have been involved in the data retrieval in a criminally relevant manner has not been confirmed," said a spokeswoman. "In all of the offenses, the accused was said to have been concerned with achieving media coverage that was effective for the public in addition to threatening the immediate addressees of the letters." However, it is still unclear what role the data queries played in three Hessian and other Berlin police stations. This could not be clarified. The accused was arrested on May 3 in his Berlin apartment and has been in custody ever since.The arrest was preceded by extensive investigations by the public prosecutor's office. Among other things, linguistic reports were produced. The accused denies the allegations.