On the 26th, a committee of the US FDA = Food and Drug Administration discussed a plan to expand the coverage of the new coronavirus vaccine of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer from 5 to 11 years old, saying that "the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks" The conclusion was passed by a majority.

In response, the FDA is expected to soon issue permission to expand coverage.

The FDA held a committee of experts on the 26th to discuss a plan to extend Pfizer's new coronavirus vaccine to children aged 5 to 11 years.

In a clinical trial involving more than 2,200 children, Pfizer explained that the effectiveness of preventing coronavirus infection was as high as 90.7%, and there were no concerns about safety.

The FDA also analyzed various assumptions about this age group and found that "the risk of being hospitalized for infection is higher than the risk of adverse reactions from vaccination."

The committee then voted on the basis of expert discussions, and all but one of the members abstained, concluding that "vaccination for ages 5 to 11 outweighs the risks." I agreed with and passed.

In response, the FDA is expected to soon issue an emergency use authorization to expand the scope of vaccination, in which case the CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will consider it in another expert committee in November. At the beginning, you will make the final decision on whether to recommend it.