“This post is one of the most important for Russia, because it is Russia today that is an outpost for the protection of the rights of children and parents,” Bessarab said.

According to her, "the president always makes the right choice, and this situation only confirms this statement."

“Today we will have to solve a lot of issues to support families with children, and the President aims to ensure that long before the birth of babies and before they graduate from school, if a child needs state support, the family will receive such support,” the MP said.

In addition, she announced the need to "unite the law on large families."

The parliamentarian added that, for example, on the allocation of land plots to large families in different constituent entities of Russia, their own norms.

“That is, when moving from one subject to another, a large family either loses or gains new social guarantees and payments, all this, and, above all, the rights of the child, will need to be decided by the newly appointed Commissioner for Children's Rights in Russia," concluded Bessarab.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Maria Lvova-Belova to the post of Commissioner for Children's Rights.