People's Daily Online, Hohhot, October 27th, show courage in times of crisis, and show responsibility at critical moments.

Facing the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in the Alxa League, public security departments in many places in Inner Mongolia assembled and rushed to the Ejina Banner of the Alxa League to resolutely fight the battle to support the epidemic prevention and control of the Alxa League.

  On the morning of October 25th, the fourth batch of 50 police officers from the Alxa Public Security Bureau assembled and rushed to Ejina Banner to assist in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

As the epidemic situation is more severe, they are not afraid of dangers, and they have resolutely responded to the call to fight the "epidemic". They have no hesitation in choosing to charge and fight where the masses need it most, vowing to share the mission with the first three groups of supporting police forces, and courageously. War epidemic.

  On October 26, the Party Committee of Baotou City Public Security Bureau responded to the call of the Autonomous Region Public Security Department and the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to urgently deploy 50 capable police forces to form an epidemic prevention and control commando team in just a few hours to support the Alxa League Ejina Banner. .

The 50-member Baotou Public Security Bureau supports the Alxa League’s epidemic prevention and control commando. Among them are Communist Party members, reserve Party members, or party activists. Infinite loyalty and deep love, bravely shouldering the mission, fearlessly moving forward, rushing to the front line of the fight against the "epidemic", fully demonstrating the political qualities of the Communist Party members and the loyal responsibility of the people's police.

  On October 26, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Public Security Department, the Ordos City Public Security Bureau immediately organized 100 police to rush to Alashan Ejina Banner to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

A support team composed of 100 policemen is fully equipped with various police equipment, medical supplies and epidemic protection equipment to ensure that all policemen participating in the war have no worries and devote themselves to supporting the epidemic prevention and control work of the Alxa League.

  On October 26, the Wuhai City Public Security Bureau rushed to assist the third group of police forces in Alxa to regroup and set off. They will go to Ejina Banner of Alxa League after more than 8 hours' drive in the starry night to relay the epidemic prevention and control.

All the auxiliary police officers who participated in the war said that we have no hesitation in the current epidemic.

We will walk together with thousands of retrogrades from all walks of life in Alxa, obey orders, obey orders, and join hands with the first two groups of comrades in the fight against the epidemic.