The Svea Court of Appeal's judgment states that there is no community of interest.

You write the following:

“Even though from the beginning it has been assumed that company X would sublet the apartment, it has not emerged that the property owner was involved in company X subletting the apartment, e.g.

by prescribing which rent or other contract terms would apply between company X and Adam ”.

"Nor can the fact that both the property owner and company X have earned money on their respective leases regarding the apartment be considered to give rise to a community of interest."

Do not learn to curb the business

Exactly which rings on the water the verdict will give, Susanne Skogsberg, federal lawyer at the Tenants' Association, does not dare to answer.

But she believes this form of rental will increase in the future.

- What this ruling states is that the property owner and intermediary can continue this form of letting.

Intermediary leasing has so far only increased and this does not seem to curb this type of business, says Susanne Skogsberg.

The lawyer wants to appeal

When SVT reaches Adam's lawyer, he is disappointed but not surprised.

- We knew that it depends on how the Court of Appeal views the community of interests, so we are not surprised by the decision, but disappointed.

We will appeal and try to take the case to the Supreme Court, says lawyer Adam Ländin, Adam's representative.

Below you see the report on Adam's case.

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Hear Adam talk about the long struggle.

Photo: Alexander Färggren / SVT