Hazard maps for heavy rain are intended to help the city of Frankfurt and its citizens take precautions against extreme weather.

"We are in the midst of climate change and want to point out to people to take precautionary measures," said Frankfurt's environment officer Rosemarie Heilig (Greens) at the presentation on Wednesday in Frankfurt.

The cards are available online.

They show which areas are particularly at risk - the deeper the blue, the deeper the water.

An engineering office from Darmstadt measured and analyzed 250 square kilometers of the urban area and calculated simulation models from them using special software.

The cards could help "save lives and reduce damage," said the department.

Personal provision remains the most important

The map identifies areas where the city must take action, said Stefan Majer, head of the transport department (Greens).

"The most important protective measure, however, will remain the citizens' own provision."

Anyone who lives in a particularly endangered area can install watertight basement windows and doors, keep insurance areas free or improve insurance coverage.

However, there is currently no funding from the city.