China News Service, Taizhou, October 27 (Reporter Fan Yubin) "Although I have never been to Dachen Island before, I have heard the three words "Dachen Island" since I was a child." In the 23rd year of starting a business in China, Zhejiang Sheng Hanwei, a Taiwan compatriot from Taizhou University, vice chairman of Ningbo Taiwan Investment Enterprise Association, and general manager of Ningbo Yumu Stationery Co., Ltd. finally had the opportunity to visit Taizhou Dachen Island, his ancestral home.

  From October 26th to 29th, the 2021 Cross-Strait Chenxiang Culture Festival with the theme of "Blood Connection · One Family on Both Sides" was held in Taizhou, Zhejiang. Chen Dao.

  Dachen Island is an island of homesickness for the Taiwan compatriots of Dachen, an island of nostalgia for Dachen's family members, and an island of homesickness for promoting the peaceful reunification of the motherland.

Dachen Island is geographically close to Taiwan, and is closely related to each other by blood.

In the 1950s, about 15,000 residents of Dachen Island moved to various places in Taiwan, which has grown to nearly 150,000 today.

  Dachen people on both sides of the strait speak Dachen dialect and inherit Dachen culture.

In Sheng Hanwei's childhood memories, the authentic Taizhou accent of his grandparents always evokes his endless reveries about his hometown.

  "We live in the'Dachen New Village' in Taiwan and love to eat crabs and mud snails from Zhejiang. We still retain many old customs in Taiwan." Sheng Hanwei said, "I am home on both sides of the strait, and Dachen Island is I've always been in a place of nostalgia."

  "In 1956, Dachen Island ushered in the first batch of pioneers. I was born that year." Wu Fabin, Taiwan compatriots and chairman of Taizhou Taiwan Investment Enterprise Association, said that compatriots on both sides of the strait are connected by blood, and this emotion is forever Keep giving up.

  In 2002, Wu Fabin came to Taizhou to invest in development. While participating in and sharing the development opportunities on the mainland, he was also willing to contribute more to promote the economic and social integration of the two sides of the strait.

  Taizhou, which is connected to Taiwan by one water, not only has the culture of nostalgia inherited by both sides of the strait, but also the precious history of the maiden voyage of the Soochow Weiwen fleet of the Three Kingdoms to Taiwan, the Jigong culture of the common belief of the people on both sides of the strait, and the only normal sea in the Yangtze River Delta. Damaiyu Port, a direct passenger and cargo port.

  The Cross-Strait Dachen Township Culture Festival has been held continuously since 2015, providing a good platform for Dachen compatriots on both sides of the strait and Taiwan compatriots from all walks of life to review history, recount family affection, and taste culture.

During this cultural festival, a networking party, a visit to Dachen Island, a project recommendation meeting, etc. will be held.

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, although the Dachen folks in Taiwan could not visit the scene in person, they have always remembered the development and changes of Dachen Island. They recorded a video on the other side of the strait, and conveyed a deep homesickness with authentic homesickness.

  At this cultural festival, calligraphers from both sides of the strait exchanged calligraphy works, and the three calligraphers jointly wrote "A Family on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait", "A Family on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait" and "The Descendant of the Dragon" to form a 5-meter long scroll.

Among them, Xu Jianjun, the ambassador for cultural exchanges across the Taiwan Strait, wrote: "Blood is thicker than water. The true feelings are deep. The roots are the same as the ancestors. The roots are strong, and the roots are strong. The two sides of the strait are family members." (End)