As the drama 'Squid Game' gained worldwide popularity, the past behavior of the foreign actors who appeared in this drama was again on the cutting board.

In 2017, at a supermarket in Pattaya, Thailand, a man abruptly passed people in line to check out and cut them.

This man is an American actor who played the VIP role in the drama 'Squid Game', Jeffrey Giuliano.

When the people around him protested, Giuliano continued to use profanity and racist remarks, saying, 'I'm American and I do what I want' and 'We are the kings of the world'.

To the informant who was filming himself, he said, 'You can't scare me with that camera' or 'I'm learning'.

According to the informant, even though the other checkout counters were empty at the time, Giuliano hacked and threw things.

The video is receiving attention again as the recent squid game has become popular.

Many netizens criticized Giuliano's rude behavior, saying that he was 'a VIP in reality' and 'it turned out that it was method acting'.