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Selection of the best smartphone projectors in 2021

  • Vamvo YG300 Pro: the miniprojector to take everywhere

  • QKK AK-80 1080p: a reduced price for a versatile product

  • TOPVISION 7000 Lumens: project the image on a screen up to 240 “

  • TOPVISION 9000 Lumens: 4K up to 300 “

  • Vili Nice: a compact and efficient projector

  • Artlii Enjoy 3: naturally compatible with iOS and Android

  • Philips Neopix Ultra 2: Enjoy Airplay with your iPhone

  • Artlii Enjoy 2: an economical wireless model

  • Artlii Energon 2: delivered with its transport bag

  • Fibe Pico: the 4K miniprojector to slip into your pocket

Vamvo YG300 Pro: the miniprojector to take everywhere

With this compact video projector, you will be able to animate your evenings or your meetings with ease.

It has AV, 3.5 “Audio, USB, HDMI connectors as well as a MicroSD card reader.

It can be powered by USB with an external battery.

It only consumes 30 watts.

With its brightness of 1000 Lux, it is better to favor a very dark environment to enjoy its image.

If its native resolution is low, it is capable of broadcasting images in HD.

Most :

  • Short throw distance (from 0.6 meter)

  • Compact

The lessers :

  • Low light

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QKK AK-80 1080p: a reduced price for a versatile product

More imposing, this projector is ideal in a meeting room or in a bedroom.

It can broadcast an image with a maximum diagonal of 1.70 m.

With 2200 Lumens, it has good brightness for an economical model.

The image is diffused


an LED bulb ensuring low power consumption and good reliability.

It comes with a carrying case.

Most :

  • 2,200 Lumens

  • Easy image adjustment between its adjustable feet and menus

The lessers :

  • Requires an HDMI adapter for iPhone

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TOPVISION 7,000 Lumens: project the image on a screen up to 240 “

Convenient to use, connect your smartphone to a USB socket on the side of the projector and stream your content quickly.

TOPVISION offers the possibility of displaying a 240 “diagonal image with good brightness.

In addition to the AV inputs, you can choose to use the USB or HDMI port to connect your devices to it.

Most :

  • Remote control included

  • 240 ”maximum diagonal

The lessers :

  • Limited sound power

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TOPVISION 9,000 Lumens: 4K up to 300 “

Less compact than the 7,000 Lumens version, it offers better brightness for greater benefit.

Thanks to a more advanced design, you will be able to reach a diagonal of 300 “with this model.

It comes with a carrying case, but given its dimensions, you will only take it with you when you really need it.

Its advanced technical sheet comes at the expense of its compactness.

Most :

  • Maximum diagonal of 300 “in Full HD 1080p

  • 4K compatible

The lessers :

  • Its weight (4.5 kg)

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Vili Nice: a compact and efficient projector

This projector offers a warmer finish than the previous ones with its anthracite fabric on the top.

It offers good performance, in particular thanks to its brightness of 8,000 Lux.

It offers a WiFi connection in addition to the traditional HDMI, USB and VGA sockets.

The remote control is also provided.

It can display a 300 ″ full HD image with a contrast ratio of 10,000: 1.

Most :

  • High brightness and contrast

  • Wireless

The lessers :

  • Higher price

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Artlii Enjoy 3: naturally compatible with iOS and Android

The design of this model mixes retro style with modern lines.

It offers a dual WiFi connection in 2.4 and 5 GHz.

It can be positioned on the ceiling or placed on a table for the duration of a projection, with a maximum diagonal of 300 “.

It's compact enough to follow you on the go.

Most :

  • Dual-band WiFi

The lessers :

  • No 4K

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Philips Neopix Ultra 2: Enjoy Airplay with your iPhone

The first major brand in this selection, this Philips projector offers an advantage to iPhone or iPad owners.

You will be able to use Airplay mode to broadcast your content simply and quickly.

Everything will be done wirelessly.

This model offers a maximum Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

It has many connectors to facilitate its use including USB and HDMI.

In wireless mode, it benefits from WiFi and Bluetooth.

Most :

  • Integrates Airplay

  • Nice finish

The lessers :

  • His price

  • No 4K

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Artlii Enjoy 2: an economical wireless model

Simple and economical, this is how we might define this 720p model.

It has a very practical wireless WiFi and Bluetooth connection with a smartphone.

It can display an image with a diagonal of between 37 and 300 inches.

Most :

  • His price

  • Bluetooth and WiFi connection

The lessers :

  • No Full HD or 4K, only 720p

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Artlii Energon 2: delivered with its transport bag

This projector offers high end features.

Full HD projector, it has a double HDMI connector and a double USB without forgetting the classic AV and VGA sockets to offer maximum compatibility with the various existing devices.

Projection is provided by a high performance LED with an estimated life expectancy of 30,000 hours.

It also supports 4K and can display an image up to 300 ″.

As a bonus, you can also connect wirelessly to this WiFi and Bluetooth compatible video projector.

Most :

  • 4K compatible

  • WiFi & Bluetooth wireless connection

The lessers :

  • Its price and dimensions

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Fibe Pico: the 4K miniprojector to slip into your pocket

We end this selection with a mini projector.

Smaller than a last generation smartphone, it measures only 7.6 cm wide and 15 cm long.

It will be able to project an image at a distance between 1 and 5 meters.

Its upper face is fitted with a touch screen for adjusting the settings.

Despite its compactness, it allows you to enjoy an image up to 3 meters diagonal.

If this is lower than the other models, this one is transported much more easily while being quite reasonable on its price.

Most :

  • Really compact

  • Lightweight with less than 700 grams

The lessers :

  • Its size limits the projected image

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Why choose a smartphone projector in 2021?

With the evolution of our smartphones, we can use them just as well for work as for playing or relaxing in front of a movie.

The purchase of a smartphone projector allows you to broadcast the image of your mobile on a large external screen.

It allows you to liven up an evening with friends by improvising the broadcasting of video clips or a film in high quality on a white wall or on a suitable canvas.

In a professional setting, a smartphone projector will make it possible to broadcast, simply and quickly, a presentation or a video during a meeting or training.

Compact and easy to use, it will be faster to set up than a device connected to a computer.

How to choose your smartphone video projector?

To define the model that corresponds to your needs, you have to know how you are going to use your new projector? Will it be used in a professional setting or for your leisure? Do you know the distance at which you are going to project the image? It is also necessary to define the diagonal of the image. The most compact and transportable models are more limited in their functions. You will also have to look at the technical sheet. How will you connect your smartphone to the projector? Some projectors offer wireless functions while others require the use of an adapter. The weight is also a criterion to study according to the use that you will make of it. If you have to move it around often, it is better to choose a truly compact and lightweight model.This choice will be made to the detriment of its display capacity and its contrast. It will be necessary to define your degree of requirement on these different points to make the right choice. Finally, its resolution and brightness are also important points to take into account when making your purchase.

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