It will be 27 days and 100 days until the opening of the winter Beijing Olympics in February next year.

The Organizing Committee of the Games will examine the challenges of infection control and domestic spectator acceptance through the test competition that began this month, saying that containment of the new coronavirus infection will be the key to success.

The Beijing Olympics will be the first winter Olympics to be held in China and will be held in the capital, Beijing, and in the neighboring Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, from February 4th to 17th next year.

In Beijing, the 2008 Summer Olympic Games were held, and it is the first time in history that summer and winter competitions will be held in the same city.

The Organizing Committee of the Games said that containment of the new coronavirus infection would be the key to success, and took strict infection control measures at the test competition that started this month at the same competition venue as the actual competition, and aimed to accept domestic spectators. I am going to verify the issue.

The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that China's infection control measures were favorably received by foreign athletes, and said, "The world needs the Olympics now that the new coronavirus is rampant." I am confident in my success.

According to Chinese health officials, no one has been infected so far from officials at the test tournament, but since the middle of this month, infections that appear to be Delta strains have spread throughout the country, including Beijing. , Authorities are nervous.

Continued "Zero Corona Policy" Increased vigilance due to infection confirmation in Beijing

Since the middle of this month, people who have visited tourist spots during the autumn holiday season have been infected with the new coronavirus, which is thought to be a delta strain, and the number of infected people has increased in Beijing.

It was the first time in about 70 days that a community-acquired infection was confirmed in Beijing, and city officials strictly control the outing and movement of residents in the affected areas, as well as areas where infected people have been infected all over the country. Restricts entry into Beijing from.

Also, on the 31st of this month, it was decided to postpone the "Beijing International Marathon," which was scheduled to be held for the first time in two years.

In countries where the number of infected people is declining, there are moves to loosen border measures and restrictions on civilian life, but China has maintained its stance of continuing the so-called "zero corona policy" to contain infection with thorough measures. ..

At the Beijing Olympics, only those who live in mainland China will be accepted, and the pre-convention torch relay will also be scaled down, not touring around, and will only be held for the last three days, Chinese officials said I am nervous about re-expansion.

Audience policy to accept only those who live in mainland China











The person in charge of the venue said, "I want to show my ability to hold international competitions through test competitions and my determination to make the Olympics a success."

In addition, while most of the competitions were held without spectators at the Tokyo tournament, the policy is to accept spectators only for those who live in mainland China at the Beijing tournament.

The Organizing Committee has stated that "if conditions are met, we would like to include spectators in future test competitions," and based on such experience, it is expected to indicate the size of the spectators in the actual production and the content of infection control measures.

The Japanese national team members who participated in the test tournament










Mr. Suzuki said, "While I couldn't get enough information about the course, I responded based on my experience, but my anxiety accounted for about half. However, because there is an environment where I can compete, I want to achieve good results while following infection control measures. I vowed to make a comeback in production.

The medal design is also unveiled

The Organizing Committee of the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics has announced the design of the medals for the Games ahead of the 100th day before the opening of the Olympic Games in February next year.

The medal is shaped like a disk-shaped treasure used for religious ceremonies in ancient China, and the surface is engraved with traditional Chinese patterns.

According to the Organizing Committee, the design contains the message of "unifying the hearts" and symbolizes the gathering of people in the spirit of the Olympic Games.