The "helmet" of 28,000 yuan makes the shape of the baby's head beautiful?

Want to be beautiful!

  In order to let the children have a good-looking head shape, parents let the babies sleep in a stereotyped pillow, and even wear a stereotyped "helmet"... Recently, the reporter learned that a set of head shape correction "helmet" weighs about 200 grams, and the price is corrected. It is 28,000 yuan and needs to be worn for 23 hours a day.

Although the price is so high, some users say the effect is average, and there are even media reports of adverse reactions.

  In this regard, the pediatrician believes that whether the child is sleeping with a flat head or wearing a "helmet", deliberate changes will affect the normal development of the child's bones.

Psychological experts pointed out that if the child wears an orthopedic "helmet" because the head shape does not conform to the mainstream aesthetics, then it is appearance anxiety. "The adult's paranoia about beauty will be borne by the child."

  Head shape correction

  Someone wears a corrective "helmet" for the baby, and some people express their understanding of the shaping pillow shaping cap

  According to media reports recently, a lady in Nanchang gave birth to twin boys. Although the children are healthy and lively, she is still not satisfied with the shape of the baby's head.

When the child was 4 months old, the lady brought two little guys to an orthopedic institution in Nanjing, and each customized an orthopedic "helmet" for the two children. The total cost was about 6,000 yuan.

  However, after wearing the "helmet" for less than a month, the mother discovered that one of the children had a lump in his eye.

Later, the mother took the child to the local hospital in Nanchang for examination and found that the tops of the two children had different degrees of bulge.

What's more worrying is that after the child's head grows up, it may not be able to recover, and it must be treated with surgery.

  In the heated discussion among netizens, many people think that this is simply making the child suffer.

However, some people understand this.

Mr. He told reporters that when he was the only boy in the family, he was arranged by his parents to sleep on a mung bean pillow for six months, so now his whole face looks like a big pie.

When he had his own child, Mr. He said he did not want his son to be like himself.

"I have used a stereotype pillow and wear a stereotype cap. I tried it at a price of tens to hundreds of yuan. Usually, I also pay attention to let the child sleep on the left and right sides." Mr. He said that the stereotype cap is actually a protective cap made of cotton. To prevent the child's head from being bumped and injured, "If it is safe and feasible, how about a try?"

  Correction institution

  Four to eight months is the golden period for correction

  Wear it for 23 hours a day, a set of 28,000 yuan

  Recently, the reporter found a head correction institution opened in Chengdu.

"A half-year-old baby has a protruding right back head and a flat left back head. Can it be corrected?" The reporter asked the staff as a consumer.

The other party asked about the baby's basic information, and then said: "According to the baby's current age and head shape, it can be corrected. Wearing a'helmet', it takes about three months to correct."

  What is the principle of the head shape correction "helmet"?

The other party explained that the head shape correction "helmet" does not achieve head shape symmetry by pressing the protruding part of the skull, but will make proper contact in the protruding part of the head, and then leave enough room for growth on the flat part of the baby's head. Guide the head to grow in a flat area.

Moreover, after the baby's head shape is corrected, the baby will no longer sleep deviation, and the baby's head shape will continue to grow according to the corrected ratio.

He said that under normal circumstances, the younger the baby is, the shorter the time to wear the "helmet". "Children of four to eight months are a prime time for head shape correction."

  According to the staff of the above-mentioned institutions, when the baby wears the “helmet”, “it needs to be worn for 23 hours a day, and there is one hour of nursing time, and it needs to be worn all night to sleep at night.” The staff also introduced that a set of correction is 28,000 yuan. The weight of the "helmet" is about 200 grams, and the neck of a baby over four months can support this weight.

The outer layer of the helmet is made of resin, and the inner side is made of anti-allergic foam.

  Although the correction institution has its own recommendations and explanations, what about the actual use?

The reporter contacted Mr. Huang, a parent in Nanjing who had used a head shape correction "helmet" for his child.

He introduced that the child is now in the first grade of elementary school. When the child was in kindergarten, he and his wife took the child to a local cosmetic surgery institution to consult on the problem of head shape correction.

Mr. Huang introduced that after wearing a "helmet" for his daughter for less than a month, the family announced that they would give up.

The reason is that the effect is not obvious, and the long-term wearing of the "helmet" has caused the daughter to feel inferior.

"Daughter wears a'helmet' but others don't wear it. She feels that she is not perfect." Mr. Huang said that the main reason is that she feels "suffering" at the psychological level.

  Doctor's Statement

  The child's head shape does not need to be corrected until puberty

  Yu Bo, director of the Department of Pediatrics at the 363 Hospital, said that whether it is to sleep the child with a flat head or wear a "helmet", "deliberate changes will affect the normal development of the child's bones."

  As for the popular rumors of netizens that "flat heads will affect children's brain capacity", children should be given orthopedic caps. He thinks this is simply nonsense.

Director Yu Bo introduced that from a medical point of view, when encountering a doll with a possible head shape, the first step is to combine its own motor, neurodevelopment, and intellectual development as well as whether he has any nerves during the neonatal period and infancy. The disease of the system should be judged further.

Sometimes, CT and other examinations are needed before the next step of treatment.

"First, the baby's head has been growing and developing, and it will not stop until puberty. From birth, the head circumference is about 40 centimeters, and the shape is not basically fixed until puberty. If you wear a head brace very early, you may be It affects the doll’s brain development. Second, the head shape correction'helmet' has a certain weight. If worn for a long time, it will affect the movement of the doll’s head, and some will also affect the doll’s neck, especially the development of the cervical spine."

  Yu Bo also pointed out that most babies don't need orthoses at all, because most children will gradually become normal even if their parents don't interfere with the growth of their heads.


  The root of facial anxiety comes from the single aesthetic

  Parents' paranoia may harm their children

  Is the appearance and anxiety of parents leading to the emergence and popularity of baby head shape correction?

In this regard, Chen Zhilin, an expert on psychological intervention and a chartered psychologist from the British Psychological Association, believes that this requires specific analysis of specific issues.

"If the child has a problem with the head shape, it is because of illness, then the parents do not belong to appearance anxiety. If it is because the child's head shape is not good, it does not conform to the mainstream aesthetics to wear a corrective'helmet', then it is appearance anxiety. NS."

  Chen Zhilin told reporters that the source of facial anxiety is more of a subjective mentality of inferiority, followed by a single aesthetic.

In a sense, facial anxiety is the result of social shaping.

People who suffer from appearance anxiety are never anxious that they don't look good, but anxious that others think that they don't look good, and that they feel that their children don't look good.

  Chen Zhilin suggested that parents should look at themselves and their children in a different role.

Paying too much attention to your own shortcomings will unconsciously exaggerate and amplify these shortcomings, while ignoring your positive side.

When parents are surrounded by aesthetic anxiety, the victim is likely to be the child, and the adult’s paranoid understanding of beauty may ultimately be borne by the child.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Dai Jiajia Figure According to the Network