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At SFR, the PS5 is at a reduced price until October 29

The offer will only be valid until October 29.

It will therefore not be necessary to hang around to subscribe to receive a cheaper PS5.

During this time, SFR will offer two offers.

Discover the PS5 offers with SFR

The first will include the Sony console in its Digital version and accompanied by two DualSense controllers.

The operator will ship its SFR Box 8 and provide the services of its PS5 Fiber Power package.

The latter includes ultra high speed (up to 1 Gb / s downlink), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles as well as 200 TV channels and services.

This offer with a 24-month commitment will be available from € 49 + € 8 / month.

For its part, the package will claim 32 € / month for 12 months, then 53 € / month.

The other offer will provide the same services, but this time offering the Standard version of the PS5, which has a disc player.

In return, the starting price of this offer increases to 149 €.

The subscription amount does not change.

Take advantage of the box + PS5 offer

The PS5, the limitless game from Sony

With the PlayStation 5, Sony is showing a new side of the video game.

The technical characteristics of this console are impressive: an eight-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 processor, 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM, an SSD hard drive with 5.5 Gb / s of bandwidth… All this makes the PS5 a real machine. war, whose games feature stunning graphics.

Moreover, the PlayStation 5 has ray tracing, a new method of simulating light effects that brings more realism to each scene.

The console allows you to play on a 4K TV, it includes an 8K output and a 120 Hz output. Finally, it can provide HDR processing on compatible televisions, thus providing more faithful colors.

Take advantage of the box + PS5 offer

Connected to the SFR 8 box, the PlayStation 5 is aimed at players who love scenes with realistic graphics and loaded with action.

Are you one of them?

SFR offers you a great economic opportunity to get the PS5, but don't delay.

Only three days left to take advantage of it.

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