Maldives President: "Expo 2020 Dubai" is an ambitious roadmap to stimulate global economic growth

His Excellency Ibrahim Mohamed Saleh, President of the Republic of the Maldives, stressed that Expo 2020 Dubai constitutes an ambitious roadmap to stimulate global economic growth in the wake of the “Covid-19” pandemic, and he congratulated and thanked the wise leadership in the UAE for organizing this prominent global event and hosting delegations from all over the world. In order to forge a prosperous future.

In his speech during the “Maldives Investment Forum” held today at the headquarters of Expo 2020 Dubai, His Excellency said that his country is witnessing a new wave of growth in light of the remarkable recovery that the Maldives economy is currently achieving from the repercussions of the “Covid-19” pandemic that has enveloped all countries. the scientist.

His Excellency reviewed the main areas of development in the Maldives and the tangible steps taken by his government to develop the investment climate in his country.

He added, "We congratulate and thank the leadership of the UAE for hosting us, organizing Expo 2020 and opening its doors to welcome the world in one place."

He stressed that the UAE has a flexible economic system based on innovation, and Dubai is one of the most suitable places to hold an event of this size.

He stressed the importance of the Maldives Investment Forum and said: “Today we have an ambitious roadmap to revitalize our economy in the wake of Covid-19.” It includes “Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity”.

He pointed out that the Maldives is a strategic trade channel between East and West, and the government of the Maldives is taking concrete steps to develop the investment climate in the country, taking into account the geographical location, explaining that significant improvements have been made with the aim of facilitating new investments in infrastructure, transport, services and energy.

He explained that one of the main pillars of our economic reform agenda is the development of the private sector, including strengthening the enabling environment with the adoption of simplified procedures for setting up businesses and increasing access to finance.

He expressed his aspiration to support global efforts to deal with climate change, enhance reliance on renewable energy, and seek sustainable low-carbon development, which is one of the most important priorities of the government in the Maldives.

His Excellency said: "We have embarked on an ambitious journey to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, and we look forward to the support of the international community to help achieve this goal." This is very important for the Maldives and there is great scope for cooperation with international experts to achieve the mutual benefits of promoting the blue economy.”