In thousands of households in the west of Frankfurt, the power went out early Tuesday evening.

According to the energy supplier Süwag, the cause was a technical defect in the Höchst substation.

As a result, the power supply was interrupted in thousands of households in Höchst, Sossenheim, Nied and Unterliederbach.

In the Höchst old town, visitors to the inns helped themselves with fire bowls.

Nobody was injured during the disturbance.

Petra Kirchhoff

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Christian Riethmüller

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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The power supply did not start again until around 8 p.m.

Even then, according to Süwag, around 16,000 households in Höchst and Unterliederbach were still not supplied.

"We are working flat out to get the rest of the households back on the grid," assured the company.

A remarkable situation occurred in the New Theater Höchst.

As FAZ correspondent Bernhard Biener reports, the cabaret had set a limit until 9 p.m. to decide whether to cancel the program planned for the evening at short notice and if necessary.

At exactly 9 p.m. there was electricity again and the Berlin cabaret and chanson duo Thomas Pigor and Benedikt Eichhorn were able to perform.   

Almost a year ago, a fire in a substation in the western part of the city also led to a power outage that lasted for hours.