Mélina Facchin, edited by Ugo Pascolo 6:39 am, October 26, 2021

While 10,000 jobs are available in hairdressing in France, John Paul, manager of a salon in Strasbourg has decided to close on Saturday to attract candidates.

And it works, not only has he been able to hire, but these customers are satisfied and his turnover is increasing.


"In France, there are 10,000 positions available."

Pair of scissors in hand, John Paul is overwhelmed on Monday morning.

And for good reason, its Strasbourg hairdressing salon is full.

Opening during the week, a funny idea for a profession which is used to playing the mower on Saturdays.

But since the start of the health crisis, hairdressers have struggled to recruit.

"It's a job that is still very difficult"

"It's a job that is still very difficult", explains the professional at the microphone of Europe 1. "We are standing, we have no weekends, we have nothing! We were looking [for staff ], we have colleagues who searched for a year without finding any application! "

As soon as he decided to close on Saturday, John Paul had applications, and was able to hire.

The lucky winner is called Laetitia and joined the team last May.

And she does not hide it, she "made a spontaneous application at John Paul's place precisely because [she saw] that the salon was closed on Saturdays".

"I can devote myself more to my family, to my child… It's really great in that regard," she explains.

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"It's good for us, it's good for them"

New hours that appeal to employees, but also to customers, like Sylvie.

"It suits me well, I work Saturdays. It's good for us, and it's good for them."

And the icing on the cake, for a little over a year since John Paul implemented these new schedules, his turnover has increased by 10%.