• Climate: UN, new greenhouse gas record

  • EU, Gentiloni: "Economy in recovery. 650 billion for green change"


October 26, 2021 Greenhouse gas emissions in Italy in 2021 resumed growth, an estimated 6%. And in 2020 the extreme events connected to the climate in our country were almost 1,300, while in 2011 they were less than 400. This was revealed by the Annual Report of the National Council of the Green Economy, which brings together the business associations in the sector, presented to the General States of the green economy, at the Ecomondo fair in Rimini.

According to the Report, to implement the new European targets (-55% emissions by 2030), Italy should cut its emissions by 26.2% over the next 10 years, reducing them by 2.6% per year.

In 2020 the production of electric renewables grew by only 1 TWh (+ 1%) and only 800 megawatts of new plants were installed (0.8 gigawatts) To reach the European target, according to the Report, at least 6,000 MW per year should be installed for the next 10 years (6 GW). 

30% new cars in Italy running on gas, hybrid or electric

The alternative fuels (LPG, methane, hybrid, electric) in 2020 represented almost 30% of the new vehicles registered in Italy. The driving force behind the rise of alternative power supplies is given by hybrids, which mark the overtaking on LPG-methane power supplies. The Report reveals it.

Electric cars tripled in one year, from 17,000 units in 2019 to around 60,000 in 2020, from 0.9% to 4.3% of the market.

However, Italy is still very far from the target of 6 million electric cars by 2030.   

In 2020 in Italy the sale of new cars fell by 28%, compared to 2019, even if the reduction seems to fall in 2021. It seems constant by now the drop in sales of diesel cars, from 53% in 2017, to 33% in 2020, and also petrol ones: from 44% of the total registered in 2019 to 38% in the last year.