Gas price: EU energy ministers do not agree

The debate at the European summit on soaring gas prices was not enough for the governments of the 27 to reconcile their positions.


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The 27 EU energy ministers met in Luxembourg on Tuesday to start transforming the test, following the very long debate on the soaring prices Thursday evening at the European summit.

But supporters and opponents of regulatory overhaul have stuck to their positions.


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With our correspondent in Brussels,

Pierre Benazet

Eleven countries had set the tone when they arrived in Luxembourg with a joint declaration under their arm to refuse a reform of the European internal energy market.

These are the same countries that believe that the gas market will self-regulate, that 

prices will come

down on their own after winter.

Among them are Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, which are against the idea of ​​detaching gas prices from electricity prices.

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This did not prevent the camp opposite to come back to the charge, especially France and Spain, the latter having formally proposed to allow countries which so wish to exit at least temporarily from this rule, because it currently penalizes those who are not addicted to gas.

This is particularly the case for France because of the large share in its electricity consumption from nuclear power.

Nuclear power has also caused some tension.

France requests that it be listed as a carbon-free energy source and therefore eligible for green funding.

This request is supported by the European Commission but it meets the hostility of Austria and Luxembourg.

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