The East Asia Summit will be held on the 27th, with the participation of member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Japan, the United States, and China.

As the conflict between the United States and China deepens, discussions are expected on issues such as the South China Sea, where China is intensifying its marine expansion, and the new security framework that the United States is advancing with its allies.

The East Asia Summit will be held online as last year to combat the new coronavirus.

One of the main agenda items is the issue of the South China Sea, where discussions will be held in a wide range of fields such as security and economy, and China will intensify its movement to advance into the ocean.

The United States is working with its allies in the Indo-Pacific region, including the South China Sea, to create new security frameworks such as AUKUS and to create a siege network for China.

As China opposes these moves, some ASEAN countries are worried that tensions may increase, and discussions are expected to take place at the summit.

Opinions are also expected to be exchanged on issues surrounding North Korea, which repeatedly launches ballistic missiles, and the situation in Myanmar, which has deepened turmoil since the coup d'etat in February.