AIIB = Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, led by China, held an annual meeting and announced that it would invest more than 5 trillion yen in Japanese yen by 2030 in relation to climate change countermeasures, and international finance. It seems that the aim is to appeal its presence as an institution.

AIIB holds its annual meeting online from the 26th to the 3rd.

At the opening ceremony on the 26th, President Jin Liqun said, "Asia is exposed to catastrophic climate risk without coordinated efforts to combat climate change."

In addition, it announced that it would invest 50 billion dollars and 5.7 trillion yen in Japanese yen between 2019 and 2030 in relation to climate change countermeasures.

AIIB aims to promote its presence as an international financial institution by proposing a stance of contributing to climate change countermeasures prior to the UN climate change countermeasures conference "COP26" being held from the end of this month. It seems that.

Established in 2015, AIIB now has more than 100 countries and territories approved for membership, but there is a deep-rooted sense of caution that China will use it to expand its influence, and it is necessary to make investments and loans. It will be asked to ensure the transparency of operation.