You must pay the full year's fees if you use the service in any month

A school requires parents to charge buses that students have not used

Parents of students who chose at the beginning of the current academic year virtual (remote) education for their children.

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A private school in Sharjah obliged parents of its students who wish to reserve seats on school buses for the second semester, to pay the fees for the first semester, even though they did not benefit from the school transportation service in this semester.

The students’ parents considered the school condition unfair to them, because their children did not benefit from the transportation service in the first semester, due to their registration in the virtual education system since the beginning of the school year, adding that they were surprised by the decision to transfer education in private schools in Sharjah to “presence.”

In detail, a number of parents of students in a private school in the Emirate of Sharjah informed "Emirates Today" that they chose the virtual education system for their children prior to the start of the current academic year, and they did not need to reserve seats for them on the school buses that the school uses to transport students wishing to benefit from the service. School transportation.

Muhammad Ahmed, Safaa Abdel-Khaleq and Hussam Jamal said: "After more than a month has passed since the first semester, a decision was issued to transfer studies in private schools in the emirate to (my attendance), at the end of this October."

They added that they went back to the school to reserve seats on school buses, so that their children could benefit from the transportation service in the second semester, because their working hours do not match the dates of students going to school in the morning and returning from it in the afternoon, noting that they were surprised by an unfair response from the school, as it asked them to pay fees. The service is for the first semester, so that their children can benefit from it in the second semester.

Parents of students, who preferred not to publish their names, stated that despite the strict precautionary measures put in place by the concerned authorities in the emirate, and schools are obliged to implement them to ensure the safety of students and educational workers from infection with the “Corona” virus, they chose, at the beginning of the current academic year, Virtual (remote) education for their children, in order to reduce the financial burdens incurred by families, as a result of the exaggerated educational services fees, during the period when their financial income is clearly affected as a result of the consequences of the pandemic.

They pointed out that if there are no bus seats available at the school at the moment, it can provide additional school buses during the second semester, by renting a number of them from transport agencies in the emirate or in the country, to meet the increasing demand for school transport service by students, after The decision to return to physical education.

In its response to a telephone call, the school merely confirmed that “students register to use school transport throughout the academic year,” while it was not possible to obtain a response from the Sharjah Private Education Authority, regarding the school’s eligibility to charge school bus transportation fees in the first semester of Students, as a condition for their enrollment in the service for the second semester, even though the students did not benefit from it.

And the local team for the management of emergencies, crises and disasters in Sharjah, in coordination with the Sharjah Special Education Authority, finally adopted a decision to gradually return to the attendance system in all private schools in the emirate, so that early next week (Sunday, October 31, this year), is the date of full return, Taking into account the application of precautionary and preventive measures, to ensure the highest standards of security and safety for students and school workers, while those with sick cases are excluded from the decision.

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