China News Service, October 26. According to US media reports, according to the latest data released by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), hate crimes against Asians have surged by 76% in 2020.

  According to reports, the FBI previously released hate crime data in August, but due to errors in Ohio statistics, the data at the time was incomplete.

The FBI has now corrected the problems in the report.

On April 4, local time, New York held an anti-hate Asian parade. After tens of thousands of people gathered in Foley Square in Manhattan holding slogans, they marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to Cadman Square in Brooklyn.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

  According to reports, a total of 279 hate crimes against Asians were reported across the United States in 2020, compared with 158 in 2019.

  According to the FBI, more than 60% of hate crimes are related to ethnicity.

FBI Deputy Assistant Director Greenberg said that most hate crimes target African descent, but due to the new crown epidemic, hate crimes targeting Asians have surged.

  The report also stated that in addition to ethnic factors, 20% of the cases were due to the sexual orientation of the victim, and 13% of the cases were due to religious prejudice.

  The FBI pointed out that more than half of criminals are white, and 21% of criminals are of African descent.

  Greenberg said they are working to ensure that people not only trust the FBI, but also the local community.

He said: “Because hate crimes are defined as violent or property crimes with prejudice motives, such crimes can be classified in many different ways. If the public thinks they are victims of hate crimes, we want them to contact us. This (Hate crime) is not determined by the public. We will work with state and local partners to help determine the best way to investigate."

  Thompson, the head of the FBI’s Victim Services Department, said that the agency is taking a victim-centric approach to dealing with hate crimes, ensuring that victims are understood and respected, and ensuring fairness.