Beijing, October 25th, title: Taisheng Taiqing hopes to develop in the land: here is progressing every second

  Author Zhu He

  "Many Taiwanese students want to come to the mainland to apply for a job but can't find a channel. We have made a small program that contains the recruitment needs of many mainland companies. You can scan the QR code to send your resume." On the 24th, the head of Beijing Haidian Taiwan Youth Station, Taiqing Chen Wencheng introduced the cloud-based job search channel for Taiwanese youths created by him and his team at an event in Beijing to encourage more Taiwanese youths to come to the mainland for development.

  On the same day, the 2021 Haidian Taiwan Youth Internship and Employment Promotion Conference hosted by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing’s Haidian District and the Haidian District Youth Federation was held simultaneously on both sides of the strait. Many companies in Beijing’s Haidian District and nearly a hundred Taiwanese students and young people combined online and offline Chen Wencheng made the above introduction at the Beijing venue.

On October 24, the 2021 Haidian Taiwan Youth Internship and Employment Promotion Conference was held simultaneously on both sides of the strait.

The picture shows students from Taiwan participating in activities at the Beijing venue.

Photo by Zhu He

  "Taiwan youths, especially those on the island, have relatively closed channels for receiving employment information. They hope to build a platform step by step through small and beautiful activities, so that companies can connect with Taiwanese youths with job hunting intentions, and create an employment platform exclusively for Taiwanese youths." Chen Wencheng told. A reporter from, the impact of the epidemic has caused many young people in Taiwan to face employment difficulties. This opportunity can help Taiwan students understand the vast mainland market, open up employment channels, and avoid detours.

  In recent years, more and more Taiwanese students and young people have come to the mainland to take root.

Taiwanese young people who have worked in Beijing for many years shared their job search experience and work insights at the event.

"As a past person, I suggest that everyone must accumulate experience through internships and have a career plan." Taiwanese young man Wang Haocheng has worked hard at Beijing Internet companies for several years after graduating from Peking University with a master's degree. He taught the students on the job hunting Internet assessment and interview experience.

  Lin Shouyu, a young Taiwanese who has also worked for Beijing Internet Corporation for many years, is very fond of the company's all-round care for employees. "The company regularly organizes concerts, employee welfare days and other activities. The working atmosphere and environment make me feel very comfortable."

  During the interactive session, Taiwanese students raised questions about common problems encountered in Lu work through video connections.

Some students asked, how to solve the problem of accommodation in Beijing internship?

Chen Wencheng replied that Haidian District provides Taiwanese youth apartments for internships, employment, and entrepreneurship in Taiwan. The daily necessities such as washing machines and ovens are all available. Taiwanese students can move in with bags. "There are still vacancies. If you come here, please come as soon as possible. !"

  Some students are more concerned about the emergency relief channels during their life in mainland China. Shi Xinmu, executive vice president of the Haidian Branch of the Beijing Taiwanese Enterprise Association, introduced that the benefits of Beijing enterprises are quite good and they will give employees all kinds of caring. He said with a smile, "Don't worry, just come here!"

  During the event, the staff of the Beijing Haidian District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau introduced Beijing’s Huitai policy and the Haidian District’s entrepreneurship and employment environment. Xiaomi Group and many other companies in Haidian District focused on promoting internship jobs and threw an olive branch to Taiwanese students.

After the event, the students on the scene stepped forward to consult with the heads of the company for employment information, and some were still delivering resumes on the spot.

On October 24, the 2021 Haidian Taiwan Youth Internship and Employment Promotion Conference was held simultaneously on both sides of the strait. Taiwanese students consulted on employment information at the Beijing venue.

Photo by Zhu He

  Lin Jiaxuan, a Taiwanese girl studying for a master's degree in the Dance School of Minzu University of China, told reporters that because of her special major, she felt that she would face difficulties in the job hunting process. However, through today’s event, she found that she could accept positions in some companies. Infused with great confidence.

She found that the future career direction is not limited to dance majors, and can even be integrated with technology. "It feels like the road has become much broader."

  The exchange study experience in Beijing made Lin Jiaxuan deeply love the cultural atmosphere here, and later chose to come to Beijing for further study.

In her opinion, Haidian District has gathered many well-known universities, with a popular reading atmosphere and a strong cultural atmosphere. "The most important thing is that every second here is improving."

  Cai Yiling, an exchange student in the Department of Information Management at Peking University, feels the same way.

She told reporters that everyone here is striving for the upper reaches. Through continuous efforts, they can quickly accumulate workplace skills and internalize them into unique values. "In this process, we can better integrate the knowledge learned in Taiwan into In the mainland market environment." (End)