In front of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change Countermeasures "COP26" starting from the end of October, Saudi Arabia, one of the world's leading oil-producing countries, will convert it to 1.1 trillion yen in Japanese yen for technological development that utilizes oil while suppressing carbon dioxide emissions. Announced the idea of ​​investing the remainder.

An international conference was held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, on the 25th to discuss climate change countermeasures, and was attended by Special Envoy Kerry, who is in charge of climate change issues in the United States, and representatives of Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar's Chief Tamim.

Among them, Crown Prince Muhammad of Saudi Arabia has set up a fund for the development of technology that utilizes oil while suppressing carbon dioxide emissions, and for the spread of clean energy, a total of about 10 billion dollars, 1 in Japanese yen We announced a plan to invest more than trillion and 100 billion yen.

Saudi Arabia will bear 15% of the investment, and the rest will be paid out with each country, and Crown Prince Muhammad called on the participating countries to cooperate.

Saudi Arabia has announced a goal of virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060.

Saudi Arabia, which relies on crude oil exports, seems to have the aim of showing its presence toward the UN climate change conference "COP26" starting at the end of October by clarifying a large-scale investment plan. ..