China News Service, October 26. According to Kyodo News, Japan’s House of Representatives election will be voted on October 31. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (President of the Liberal Democratic Party) and Yukio Edano, the leader of the largest opposition party, the Cadet Party, will deliver their speeches in the streets. What remarks did you make?

Artificial intelligence (AI) analysis found that the two party capitals pay attention to the new crown epidemic response, Kishida's high-frequency word is "therapeutic medicine", and Edino is "salary".

Data map: Fumio Kishida arrived at the Prime Minister's residence.

  According to the report, the text analysis tool of User Local (Tokyo), a data analysis company, adopted a "word cloud" technique that magnified and displayed high-frequency characteristic vocabulary.

  On the 23rd, Kishida held a microphone in front of JR Saga Station in Saga City, and emphasized that as a countermeasure against the new crown epidemic, he hopes to develop oral drugs and put them into practical use. The term "therapeutic drugs" was used 8 times.

  On the same day, Edeno gave a speech in front of JR Ikebukuro Station in Toshima Ward, Tokyo.

He argued that the new crown epidemic has caused an increase in the number of people whose lives have become difficult, and advocated an increase in the minimum wage.

Words including "salary" were said 13 times.

  On October 14, the President of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, Fumio Kishida, took office as prime minister, and initiated the procedure for dissolving the House of Representatives.

On October 19, the House of Representatives election was formally announced, and vote counting will begin on the 31st.

The election to the House of Representatives is also considered a "life and death battle" for Kishida. Once the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito Party cannot keep power, Fumio Kishida will become Japan's prime minister with the shortest time in office.