Firefighters do not always fall so grateful people.

Saturday evening, those of Toulouse were called route de Narbonne to come to the aid of an injured person.

When they arrived there, they found themselves facing a patient with a bleeding wound, uncooperative and under the influence of alcohol.

The latter, armed with a knife, threatened them.

The five rescuers managed to subdue him while awaiting the arrival of the police.

When law enforcement officials took over, the 25-year-old managed to head butt one of the officials.

🚨⚖️Le @ sdis31officiel condemns the acts of violence to which the # firefighters on duty are victims.

He does everything in his power to support them, accompany them and listen to them.

➡️https: //ÀMonPompier#respect #sensduservicepublic # solidarity

- Firefighters 31 (@ sdis31officiel) October 25, 2021

The victim, who became the aggressor, had narcotics on him.

He was taken into custody.

After sobering up, he said he did not remember anything, said a police source.

He was brought to justice on Monday for drunkenness and possession of narcotics.

The departmental fire and rescue service of Haute-Garonne has filed a complaint.


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