The pandemic hit hard at the paper mill in Klippan, which manufactures the raw material for paper napkins.

Now the company is also affected by the high energy costs for natural gas and electricity.

- We will reduce capacity to almost half of what we could produce, says Olle Grunberg, CEO of Klippan's mill.

In the clip above, you can hear CEO Olle Grunberg tell more about how higher energy prices have affected the mill.

One third of the staff is notified

Electricity prices in price area four, to which Skåne belongs, are record high and together with other cost increases such as transport costs, increased emission rights and more expensive paper raw material, Klippan's mill is forced to close down a machine line in order not to risk profitability.

This means that the company now notifies 24 of a total of 75 employees.

- It's awful.

We have many knowledgeable, loyal employees so it does not feel good at all, says Olle Grunberg.

Nils-Eric Rydhög, from the trade union Pappers and Olle Grunberg, CEO of Klippan's mill.

Photo: SVT / Johan Dernelius

Thinking of adjusting

Going forward, the mill is investing in biofuels - but it will take time to adjust.

- We have projects underway to switch to biofuel and that creates a better situation, but it is expensive and takes time, says Olle Grunberg.