The Mustache and Beard Olympics took place in Germany on Saturday in Eging am See.

The international competition brought together participants from the Netherlands, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Different categories were presented during the competition, such as "the Dali mustache" or "the freestyle mustache", reports RTL Info.

It is a German, Ralph Schulz, who won the first prize for his imperial-style mustache, reveals the HuffPost The latter explained that he has been wearing this beard for seven years.

Competitors from all around the world came to Germany to take part in annual mustache and beard Olympics.

A jury of hairdressers and barbers had to choose the best beards in several different categories.

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- Sky News (@SkyNews) October 25, 2021

Several award-winning French

But the French are far from being outdone.

Several of them have won prizes.

Two of them won third place in the “Verdi beard” and “Stylized mustache natural beard” categories;

another won second place in the "goatee free style" category;

and one last won first place in the "natural beard over 30 cm" category.

The latter, living in Le Planquay (Eure), did not hide his joy at

L'Éveil Normand


The 40-year-old entrepreneur has a red beard of about sixty centimeters.

He received a score of 49.5 / 50 in the competition.

"A unique sensation, a crazy atmosphere and a magnificent site," explained Nicolas Godet, who had already won the title of French Champion and finished sixth in the World Cup in 2019. We are continuing for the next championships and competitions.



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