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Good news for football and video game fans who will be able to combine their two passions thanks to the current FIFA 22 discounts on Amazon.

FIFA 22 deal: all the details

A few weeks after its release, FIFA 22 is already on sale on Amazon.

The benchmark football game has seen its price drop on all consoles:

  • FIFA 22 PS5: € 60.19 instead of € 79.99

  • FIFA 22 PS4: € 72.55 instead of € 79.99

  • FIFA 22 PS4 + FIFA 22 Ultimate Team - 1050 FIFA Points PS4 / PS5: € 70.48 instead of € 89.98

  • FIFA 22 Xbox One: € 59.99 instead of € 69.99

  • FIFA 22 Xbox Series S: € 60 instead of € 79.99

  • FIFA 22 Essential Edition Switch: € 30.49 instead of € 39.99

  • FIFA 22 Standard Edition PC download: € 49.90 instead of € 59.99

  • FIFA 22 Standard Edition Xbox One download code: € 59.99 instead of € 69.99

  • FIFA 22 Standard Edition Xbox Series X download code: € 60 instead of € 79.99

Order FIFA 22 at a reduced price

Even more realism with FIFA 22

As with every evolution of the game, EA has redoubled its efforts to make the FIFA 22 gaming experience even more immersive and realistic.

To do this, the American company analyzed the movements of players in full swing and extracted millions of data that feed the Hyper Motion technology.

The gestures are more precise and more faithful than ever to reality.

This information also allows many gameplay improvements.

The defenses are thus more effective, the goalkeeper more clairvoyant and the attackers determining in their ball calls.

The career mode remains the star feature of the game with many evolutions.

Most notable: the possibility of creating your own club and making a career as a manager.

The players for their part will be able to enter the field as a substitute and evolve until the start.

PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox or PC: not a console escapes Amazon's FIFA 22 promotions.

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