The court dismissed the case and obligated it to pay the expenses

A girl demands her ex-fiancé 100,000 dirhams in compensation for her dog

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance rejected a compensation claim, filed by a girl against her ex-fiancé, accusing him of holding her dog, and refusing to return it to her after the annulment of their engagement, and demanded that he pay 100,000 dirhams in compensation for the damages she sustained. The suit is from her name to the name of her fiancé.

In detail, a girl filed a lawsuit, in which she demanded to oblige her ex-fiancé to return to her a “La Prado” dog, a hybrid, registered in her name with a medical care center concerned with animals, with an obligation to pay her 100,000 dirhams as moral compensation for the damages she sustained. , due to his refusal to return the dog to her, indicating that she had an engagement relationship with the defendant, and that she obtained the dog from a center concerned with animal care, and she allowed her fiancé to keep the dog with him, and after the end of the courtship relationship he kept the dog, and refused to return it to her, to harass her, and attached pictures For telephone correspondence between them, and a copy of a certificate issued by an animal care center.

The court stated that, according to the Law of Evidence in Civil and Commercial Transactions, “the plaintiff must prove his right, and the defendant has the right to deny it.” The latter is the owner of the dog that is the subject of the dispute, and the lawsuit is filed without a document, and is subject to rejection, and this does not change the complainant’s insistence that she has a certificate from a medical center concerned with animal care, stating that the dog is registered with him in her name.

The court indicated that not changing the name of the owner at the medical center does not affect the defendant’s ownership of the dog in question, after the plaintiff signed the transfer of ownership to the defendant, especially since the plaintiff did not challenge her signature, and contented herself with denying what the defendant had submitted, and the court ruled to reject the case, and obligated the plaintiff to pay the expenses and fees.

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