• Latin America The party that brought Castillo to the Presidency of Peru threatens to withdraw its support


Fernando Herrera Mamani

died this afternoon (midnight in Spain) while carrying out the motion of confidence in the second government of the radical Pedro Castillo.

Herrera had left the parliamentary facilities when feeling unwell at the beginning of the session and was at home following the session on television.

He was transferred to a hospital in Lima, where he

died after cardiorespiratory arrest,

according to political sources.

Herrera was

part of the legislative bench of the Marxist party Peru Libre (PL),

but he was one of those who had abandoned the theses of the controversial leader

Vladimir Cerrón

to maintain his support for Pedro Castillo, in what has become a fratricidal war between both sectors.

The split within PL marked a very complicated parliamentary procedure for Prime Minister

Mirtha Vásquez,

who replaced

Guido Bellido,

accused of apology for Shining Path and with highly controversial statements against women and homosexuals. Vásquez heads a more moderate government but that maintains two ministers under indictment, which together with the division in the ruling party complicated his motion of confidence.

"When a teacher dies, never dies. When a social fighter dies, never dies. When a son of the village dies, never dies.

Fernando Herrera, present!"

Cried Castillo after learning of

the death.

"I bear tremendous regret, but I am glad that the people have understood that there are men of struggle, who give themselves up, who give their lives for governance and democracy.

If you have to lose your life for that, we are willing to do it. ",

the president riveted.

The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, and the Prime Minister, Mirtha Vásquez.PERU PRESIDENCYvia REUTERS

The session was suspended until tomorrow (Tuesday) when Vásquez had already consumed an hour and 45 minutes to offer dialogue to the rest of the political forces and a governance pact ("a new social contract for stability, democracy and the changes that demand of us ") for a presidency caught in political tension.

"There are roads that we should not follow, roads that have the footprints of people who did not act well and who did a lot of damage to the country," the premier warned. Vásquez delved into his political action program, which includes the so-called "second agrarian reform", social programs and measures for economic reactivation after the pandemic.

The great unknown is how far the government will go

in its idea of ​​forcing a constituent assembly to change the Constitution.

Herrera's death

adds even more drama to the motion of confidence

amid presidential accusations against parties that threaten to propose his vacancy.

Something that Peru already knows a lot about: the previous legislature ended with four presidents who were seated in Pizarro's Armchair.

The electoral winner,

Pedro Pablo Kuczyinski,

fell before the onslaught of Congress and gave way to his vice president,

Martín Vizcarra.

He remained in office until October 2020, when he was removed by Parliament on charges of moral incapacity.

His replacement,

Manuel Merino,

only lasted a few days and was removed by force of popular protest.


Francisco Sagasti

he was able to complete the legislature.

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