On the afternoon of October 23, local time, the Sino-Russian maritime formation held a separation ceremony in the eastern waters of the East China Sea.

After a seven-day joint patrol, the fleets of the two sides were divided according to plan, and the first Sino-Russian joint naval patrol was successfully concluded.

  After the Sino-Russian "Maritime Joint-2021" joint military exercise ended on October 17, the two sides sent a total of 10 ships and 6 carrier-based helicopters to form a joint formation to organize the implementation of the first joint maritime cruise.

  During the joint cruise, the Sino-Russian fleet of ships crossed the Tsugaru Strait and the Osumi Strait in a single column, and the entire formation stretched for more than 10 nautical miles.

At the same time, the Sino-Russian joint formation organized exercises in subjects such as joint sailing, joint maneuvering, and actual use of weapons.

(Reporter Sun Zifa produced Liu Yinghan)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】

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