Visit the Winter Olympics City Operation and Environmental Guarantee Command and Dispatch Center

Here 24 hours a day

  Entering the urban operation and environmental protection command and dispatching center in Xicheng District, Beijing, the big screen displays real-time pictures around the Winter Olympics venues such as the Capital Gymnasium.

At 3 pm on October 21st, Zhou Lin, the staff member, called and dispatched all relevant units involved in the security work one by one through the 800M mobile phone.

Since the start of the "Meet in Beijing" series of test competitions, this has been Zhou Lin's daily homework. Through the video conferencing function and the wireless command system, he and his colleagues can also get in touch with the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee at any time.

  In February of this year, the Beijing Operation Guarantee Headquarters, serving the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, was formally established. There are 13 groups under one office. In addition to the city operation and environmental protection group where Zhou Lin is located, it also includes medical and health protection. Special working groups such as group, traffic guarantee group, comprehensive service guarantee group, opening and closing ceremony group, torch relay group, security group, supervision group, etc., are led by relevant functional departments in the city to carry out specific work.

  "Take the urban operation and environmental protection group as an example. The involved venue construction, urban operation, barrier-free facility operation, ecological environmental protection, meteorological services, etc. are covered by the Municipal Major Office, the Municipal Urban Management Committee, the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, The Municipal Meteorological Bureau and other departments take the lead, perform their duties and cooperate with each other." A member of the team told reporters.

  In response to the city’s operation support headquarters, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, and to the next to coordinate and liaise with member units, related companies and support teams, the test match-time operation mechanism was launched on October 5, and the special working group has continued to carry out overall monitoring, Command work such as information collection, operation scheduling, and emergency response.

He Jilu, director of the Information and Publicity Division of the Office of the Urban Operation and Environmental Protection Group Office, said that the key to command and dispatch lies in information exchange and real-time interconnection. Therefore, personnel on duty is an important task for us to compact our responsibilities."

  In addition to the daily dispatch mechanism, the team also implemented a three-level 24-hour emergency duty system to clarify the procedures for reporting, handling, and feedback of emergencies.

"All units have also started the 24-hour duty system synchronously as required to keep in touch with the command and dispatch center to ensure seamless connection of work." He Jilu said.

  At the same time, the supervision group led by the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has compacted the supervision responsibilities of the district discipline inspection commissions and the dispatched discipline inspection and supervision groups, sorted out the "three checklists" of supervision tasks, integrity risk points, and specific prevention and control measures. Participate in dispatch meetings and other forms to strengthen contact with various special working groups, and keep abreast of the progress of work in a timely manner.

  “In view of the characteristics of the urban operation and environmental protection team involving multiple departments, large tasks, complex departments, etc., we have established a linkage mechanism with brother units to dispatch discipline inspection and supervision teams, departmental agency discipline inspection commissions, and front-line discipline inspection inspectors to gather multi-party supervision forces to form A good situation in the same direction has been achieved." Linghu Stable, a first-level investigator of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Municipal Urban Management Commission, told reporters.

  While making every effort to play the "one game of chess" in the city, the special working group adheres to the principle of "three competition areas and one standard" and continuously strengthens communication and docking with Hebei Province.

"In terms of landscape layout, keep a close eye on important liaison lines such as the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway and Beijing-Lijiang Expressway, the surrounding areas of the stadium, and transportation hubs to ensure that the landscape is coordinated; in terms of operational command, give full play to the role of the command system during the game and promote the establishment of a unified command. , Quick response, smooth communication, and efficient work pattern." He Jilu said.

  Our reporter Hou Ke Zuo Handi

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