She took her 5 children on an educational trip to the exhibition

The mother of the "Happy Family": We visited the "Expo" twice... and we will return


In Al Wasl Square in the beating heart of Expo 2020 Dubai, a mother and her five children attracted attention, as they took - with remarkable enthusiasm - commemorative photos and smiles on the faces of the "happy family", which is visiting the International Exhibition for the second time in a short period of time.

And the Slovakian Maria confirmed: "She invested in getting her children - who were in full style during the visit - on vacation, and decided to take them on an educational trip to (Expo 2020)," noting that she had resided in Dubai for 20 years, and that she considered herself and her family from the sons of the state.

Maria told "Emirates Today": "She is visiting (Expo 2020 Dubai) for the second time," explaining: "As soon as my sons took a vacation, we decided that our first destination would be to go to (Expo), because I have four daughters who are: (Lumi and I). Olivia and Mary) and a boy named Andre.”

She added, "I have lived with my husband in Dubai for 20 years and four of my children were born in the UAE, except for my daughter (I), who was born in Slovakia, and we are very happy here and we feel like we are in our second country, as my husband works for IBM for computers." ».

Regarding her second visit to Expo 2020 Dubai, she said: "We bought the seasonal ticket, because we are fully aware of the importance of this global event, in addition to the difficulty of enjoying it through a one-time visit, so we visited (Expo) twice within four days, and we will undoubtedly visit it. Several other times during his stay until March 31, 2022.”

She indicated that she has many goals that she seeks to achieve by visiting the "Expo", noting: "I seek to benefit personally, along with my children, from this wonderful event at the level of general culture, interest in the future, how to preserve a sustainable environment, and obtain information about Clean energy, and many things related to human life in general.

And Maria continued: "It was not strange to me what I saw of creativity and dazzle in (Expo 2020), because, as I mentioned, I have lived in this city for 20 years, and I know exactly what it means for Dubai to organize this event, which is that it will be in the best possible image in all aspects. And that is what I actually saw during the two visits.”

• Al Wasl Square attracted the mother and her children to take pictures under her beautiful dome.

• 20 years that Maria has spent in Dubai, which she adores.


• “We bought the season ticket, because we are fully aware of the importance of this global event, in addition to the difficulty of enjoying it in one time.”

• “From my knowledge of Dubai, I was sure that it would organize the exhibition in the best way, which is what I saw during the two visits.”

different day

Mother Maria revealed that she planned that the day for visiting “Expo 2020 Dubai” would be different for her and her children, explaining: “We decided to go to (Expo) via the Dubai Metro, as it was a new and different experience for us, but at the same time it was very interesting, Despite the difficulty of moving with five children, we enjoyed it and did not find it difficult to reach the place by metro, especially since in our normal lives we always use our own car, while the children go to school by bus designated for them.

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