RT learned about this from sources in law enforcement agencies.

“This is not espionage or treason, but the files were classified as information for official use, were classified and were not intended for public distribution, in addition, Belousov violated the conditions of parole,” the source explained.

As the source noted, the criminal case against the man was initiated in early October.

It is clarified that he did not transfer the files to human rights defenders, but sold them for $ 2,000. The funds were transferred to Yandex-wallet.

Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia put Savelyev on the federal wanted list.

Within the framework of which case the search is being conducted, it has not yet been officially announced.

In October, it became known that human rights defenders were given a video archive of torture of prisoners in Russian prisons by 31-year-old Belarusian Sergei Savelyev, who himself was serving a sentence in the Saratov region for drug trafficking and, according to him, on instructions from the administration, collected official videos with beatings and rapes of prisoners.