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Davis who grabs Howard, before the whole LA bench separates his two interiors.

The image is rare and unequivocal: the mayonnaise does not take in the 2020 champion, who changed almost his entire team in the offseason after the failure of last season, and the frustration is very great.

“We just had a disagreement on one action… We are passionate, we are adults, we fixed the problem. These are things that happen. He's my brother, he's my teammate. There's no problem between us, I don't want someone to say I'm trying to cause a problem, I'm not, "Howard explained.

If the coach Frank Vogel has also played down - when you get your ass kicked, the exchanges can sometimes get worse - the former legend of the club Magic Johnson was offended by the show: "in 42 years spent with the Lakers, I've never seen anything like this. "

At the time of this peak of tension, the Lakers were sinking in the 2nd quarter (34-18).

And the ordeal continued in the 3rd (37-23), without LeBron James (20 pts) being able to do anything about it, nor Davis (16 pts, 10 rebounds), nor Russell Westbrook (15 pts, 11 rbds, 9 passes).

Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns at the shoot against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA on October 22, 2021 at Staples Center in Los Angeles KEVORK DJANSEZIAN GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

Winners (115-105), the Suns, finalists last season, happily took advantage, like Chris Paul (23 pts, 14 assists) and Devin Booker (22 pts) in verve.

Durant: "we are progressing"

Overwhelming among the Sixers, the Nets also opened their victory counter (114-109).

In triple-double mode (29 pts, 15 rebounds, 12 assists), Durant was decisive.

But it was veteran LaMarcus Aldridge who made the difference, scoring 9 of 23 points in the final five minutes, during which Brooklyn inflicted a fatal 16-1 on Philly.

James Harden (20 pts, 8 assists, 7 rebounds) contributed.

"We played with more rhythm in the last quarter. We were more aggressive defensively. We are progressing on both sides of the floor," said Durant.

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets against the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA on October 22, 2021 at Wells Fargo in Philadelphia Tim Nwachukwu GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

Opposite, Joel Embiid did what he could (19 pts, 8 rebounds, 4 blocks), in the absence of Ben Simmons, in conflict with his leaders and who said he was "mentally unfit" to replay with the team.

Winner at the Clippers Wednesday, Denver confirmed its good dispositions at the expense of San Antonio (102-96), relying on his MVP Nikola Jokic (32 pts, 16 rebounds, 7 assists).

The Knicks also went to Orlando (121-96), where Frenchman Evan Fournier played for seven seasons.

He scored 18 points, in the wake of Julius Randle (21 pts, 10 rebounds, 7 assists).

Utah accelerated in the second half to beat the Kings in Sacramento (110-101), carried by Donovan Mitchell (27 pts) and Rudy Gobert ultra-domineering inside (17 pts, 20 rebounds).

Washington relied on Spencer Dinwiddie (34 points) to defeat Indiana (135-134) after extra time.


Chicago and Zach LaVine (32 pts) defeated New Orleans (128-112).

Charlotte won (123-112) in Cleveland with 30 points from Miles Bridges.

Finally, Toronto recovered in Boston, correcting (115-83) the Celtics passed completely through.

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