Xinhua News Agency, Paris, October 22 (Reporter Tang Ji) The French Presidential Palace said on the 22nd that French President Macron and US President Biden talked on the same day to discuss issues such as the restoration of mutual trust between the two countries and European defense.

  According to the press release issued by the French Presidential Palace, in the spirit of the call between the leaders of the two countries on September 22, the two sides discussed how France and the United States can ensure mutual trust and jointly respond to current challenges, especially in establishing a stronger European defense as NATO. And expressed satisfaction with the progress made in these areas.

The leaders of the two countries stated that they will attend the G20 summit in Rome, Italy, and will deepen the dialogue and cooperation between the two countries during the meetings held during the summit.

  In addition, according to a statement issued by the White House, Biden and Macron discussed the measures taken by the two countries to support the security and stability of the African Sahel and to strengthen cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

The two sides will continue their dialogue on bilateral cooperation during the meeting in Rome at the end of October.

Biden also said that US Vice President Harris' visit to France in November is an important opportunity for the two countries to further strengthen cooperation to address global challenges.

  On September 15, the United States, Britain, and Australia announced the establishment of a so-called new trilateral security partnership. Australia will cooperate with the United States and Britain to build nuclear submarines in Australia.

Australia also tore up its previous contract with the French Naval Group for the purchase of 12 submarines.

On September 17, France announced the recall of its ambassadors to the United States and Australia for consultations.

On September 22, Macron and Biden talked on the phone, and the two sides decided to start an in-depth consultation process aimed at rebuilding the trust between the two countries.

Macron decided on the same day that the French ambassador to the United States would return to the United States.

(Reporter: Liu Pinran)

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