People's Power presidential candidate Won Hee-ryong, former Jeju governor Won Hee-ryong's wife and doctor, Kang Yun-hyeong, said that the Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, Gyeonggi governor, was "the epitome of a sociopath." It went up and crashed.

Attorney Hyun Geun-taek, a former spokesman for Won Ji-ji and Lee Jae-myung's camp, appeared on MBC radio and argued, and then went out during the live broadcast.

The current lawyer asked for an apology regarding the sociopathic remarks of the wife of the former governor, saying, "What ordinary people say and what doctors say are different, and it is a slander or false fact under the Public Official Election Act, and it is also a civil illegal act."

Then, former governor Won refused to apologize, refusing to say, "If a diagnosis is necessary, I am willing to proceed with the examination and issue a diagnosis."

Afterwards, as it spread to an emotional fight, they cut off each other or raised their voices, and the original instructions and a lawyer exchanged words such as "Tell me to take legal action", "Why are you not allowed to speak out", "Why are you being temperamental", etc. Conflict continued despite mediation.

In the end, a lawyer left his seat first and stood up, and former Governor Won also left the studio.

Previously, Mr. Kang, the wife of the former governor, appeared on a YouTube live broadcast and referred to Governor Lee Jae-myung, claiming that he was "the epitome of a sociopath who has no interest in other people's pain or harm."

Kang is a neuropsychiatrist and currently serves as the Vice President of the Student Psychiatric Association.

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