It was the first weekend since the House of Representatives election was announced.

The leaders of each party travel around the country with the support of single-seat constituencies and proportional representation candidates, calling for their support.

Liberal Democratic Prime Minister Kishida "Enliven the fruit of growth in the region"

Prime Minister Kishida of the Liberal Democratic Party made a street speech in Saga City, saying, "It is important to make the economy bigger and grow, but when various results are achieved, some people and big cities will not monopolize, but local areas. And small and medium-sized enterprises, and above all, we must create an economy where the fruits of growth can be felt by raising the income and salary of each and every one of us. "

"The big point is in rural areas, and there are many issues that can be overcome by the latest digital and science and technology, such as declining birthrate and aging population, long-term care, and agriculture. There is great potential in rural areas. Digital Garden City Concept However, let's create a region where young people can work lively and boost the vitality of the region. "

Representative Edano Ritsumin "Supporting each other to increase peace of mind with economic growth"

Edano, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, made a street speech in Ginza, Tokyo. He pointed out that the number of people who said, "Having a family and having children and raising children is a dream again" has increased at a low wage.

On top of that, "If many people can fulfill their wishes, they will be happy, and as a result, consumption will increase and society as a whole will be happy. Supporting each other to increase the peace of mind of old age and child-rearing will extend the economy. I will come back. I want to bring that kind of society back to Japan. "

Komeito Yamaguchi "Uncertain and unstable administration choices do not make sense"

Komeito representative Yamaguchi made a street speech in Kitakyushu, saying, "This election has important significance in having the government choose a government to open up the next era, but what options the opposition is showing is unclear and unclear. A stable administration doesn't make sense for an option. "

On top of that, "One of the complaints is" future support benefit ", and I want to give 100,000 yen per person from 0 years old to the third grade of high school. A total of about 2 trillion yen is required, but last year's budget is in the black. There is about 4.5 trillion yen of surplus left, and we can generate it from here. "

Communist Shii Chairman "Distortion of distribution problem Economic improvement by raising the living level"

The Communist Party chairman Shii made a street speech in Nagoya, saying, "The rich and the big companies monopolize the distribution and do not turn to the common people. This distortion of the distribution is the problem. The theory of Abenomics is that the rich and the rich are profitable. I was told that I would come to the common people, but I haven't come around for the past nine years. If so, let's switch to a way to improve the Japanese economy by raising the level of people's lives. "

Restoration Matsui Representative "Expense Review and Economic Growth Administrative Reform in the Diet"

Mr. Matsui, the representative of Nippon Ishin no Kai, made a street speech in Sapporo City, saying, "Mr. Kishida and Mr. Edano both distribute and distribute, but the way to secure financial resources for that is to review the expenses to see if there is any waste in using taxes. There are only two things, to grow Japan's economy and increase its financial resources. I want you to give the power to carry out the administrative and financial reforms that "Ishin" has done in Osaka so far in the Diet. "

Representative Tamaki, "Political change without taking responsibility, regaining trust"

Democratic Party for the People's Representative Tamaki made a street speech in Tokai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, saying, "One of the things we have to regain in this election is the trust of politics. I didn't answer and I didn't disclose the materials. Even though the official documents were falsified, no politician took responsibility. Let's change this politics. "

Reiwa Shinsengumi "There is now a political opportunity to change the wrong society"

Reiwa Shinsengumi's representative Yamamoto made a street speech in Machida, Tokyo, saying, "Wages continue to fall and profits continue to be returned to shareholders. It is politics that created this false society. It is politics that can be changed. And I still have that chance. "

Social Democratic Party leader Fukushima "Escape from non-regular and poverty to a minimum wage of 1500 yen"

The leader of the Social Democratic Party, Fukushima, told reporters in Kitakyushu, "The increase in non-regular employment to 40% of the total is a result of the Liberal Democratic Party's politics. We will raise the minimum wage to 1,500 yen per hour. "

N Party Leader Tachibana "Realizing Scramble Broadcasting"

"In violation of Article 72 of the Party Lawyers Act, which is being tried with NHK," Tachibana said in a street speech in Shinjuku, Tokyo. We will carry out politics that can be trusted by. "

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