American pop star John Legend made a surprise appearance in front of a busking singer who sings his song.

According to foreign media such as NBC on the 21st local time, 22-year-old Radha Rao met a special audience while singing the song 'All of Me' released by John Legend in 2013 on the streets of Boston on the 17th.

In an interview with NBC, Mr. Rao said, "I found a man who looked like John Legend while performing, and I thought he couldn't be here. told

John Legend is said to have watched his performance when he and his family were heading to a nearby funnel hall when he happened to see Mr. Rao singing his song.

Mr. Rao continued the performance in tension and excitement, and after finishing the song, introduced "John Legend is here".

John Legend, watching Mr. Rao with a happy smile, took money from his pants pocket, put it in the tip box, and hugged Mr. Rao to encourage him.

People around them saw this and cheered.

Rao said, "John Legend said, 'Thank you for singing my song.'" He said, "I admire him for being humble and inspiring many artists."

Rao, who dreams of becoming a full-time singer, has been performing for two hours with a fixed repertoire such as pop, R&B, and self-composed songs near Funnail Hall since last August.

The song 'All of Me' sang that day is also included in this song.

He said, "Some people say that I sang 'All of Me' on purpose because I knew there was a John Legend, but it was a song I sang every time.

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