Pfizer is the most vaccinated Korean people.

It was estimated that Pfizer would have become stronger worldwide, but the so-called 'Pfizer Gapjil Agreement' with other countries was revealed.

They were maximizing their own interests and the sovereignty of the other country was being violated.

First, this is an exclusive report by Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung in Washington.

<Reporter> This

is Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine contract that SBS obtained through the American consumer group Public Citizen.

This group analyzed all the contracts Pfizer signed with nine countries around the world.

The researcher who carried out this work explained that Pfizer was able to curb the other country even after signing a problematic contract.

[Zin Lisby/Public Citizen Researcher: According to the contract, the other country must get Pfizer's permission to make any announcements. Pfizer has too much power. Countries are desperate for a vaccine, but Pfizer has a monopoly on the vaccine.]

Some countries have even put in humiliating clauses that give up their most basic right, sovereign immunity.

The state could be a party to litigation, so that if a litigation did occur, it would be decided by a private arbitrator in Pfizer's favor.

[Zin Lisby/Public Citizen Researcher: This is a shocking provision. Because sovereign immunity is, of course, the core of a country's legal protections.]

Some countries have even made it possible to collect national assets for non-payment of vaccine payments.

[Zin Rizbee/Public Citizen Researcher: Pfizer can be guaranteed payment for vaccines in any way that can claim government property, including government-owned airlines.]

Also, some countries have Pfizer's permission once the contract is signed. Vaccines are not donated or received without permission.

[Zin Lisby/Public Citizen Researcher: Brazil must get Pfizer's permission to donate vaccines. If vaccines aren't donated quickly enough, the pandemic will continue to spread and people will keep dying.]

Pfizer is expected to generate $33.5 billion in vaccines alone, or 39.4 trillion won in our money this year.

On the 21st, civic groups demanding an increase in the supply of coronavirus vaccines held a coffin in front of the Pfizer CEO's birthday and held a protest in front of his house.


Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung, who covered the Pfizer contract, is connected. Correspondent Kim, my government said that whenever we talked about vaccines, we had to keep it secret. Have you been unable to obtain a Korean contract?


Yes, the consumer group Public Citizen said that they have not yet secured a contract between Korea and Pfizer.

However, after analyzing all the contracts obtained, he said that a similar problem clause was found in most contracts, and that Korea would be no exception.

In addition, in the case of the United States and the United Kingdom, the contract was disclosed, and he explained that the non-disclosure of the contract in Korea means an unfair contract in itself.

Let's hear it for yourself.

[Zin Lisby/Public Citizen Researcher: Many contracts are similar.

(The Korean contract) seems to contain a problem clause.

The Korean government did not disclose the contract with Pfizer, but it has its own problems.]


Vaccines have become like power, how can we resolve such an unfair contract?


Yes, there are growing calls in the US to break the monopoly structure of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

In order to do this, it is argued that mRNA vaccine technology should be transferred to countries with production capacity, including Korea, on the condition of receiving appropriate royalties and increased supply.

Now, if only two companies are entrusted with vaccine production, it will be three more years before the vaccine will be released to the world.

There is also growing criticism that the US government needs to be more proactive in technology transfer to solve this problem.

(Video coverage: Park Eun-ha, video editing: Jung Yong-hwa)

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