It was not just a big gust of wind going from Normandy to Paris.

Storm Aurora moved away from French territory, but continued to cause damage as it passed through the European continent.

Four people died in southern Poland and six others were injured, authorities said.

One person was killed when a van was thrown off the road while a worker died in the collapse of the wall of a house under construction.

Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic affected

In the Netherlands, mini-tornadoes have been reported, leaving four injured.

The KLM airline canceled 60 flights and heavily damaged roofs in Barendrecht, near Rotterdam.

"We can see that it was intense", testifies the deputy mayor, Nico Bults.

50,000 homes have been deprived of electricity in central and eastern Germany, where trains no longer run.

Traffic is slowing down in the rest of the country, with Deutsche Bahn calling for travel to be postponed.

Identical situation in the Czech Republic, with 270,000 homes without electricity and planes pinning down, unable to even disembark their passengers.

Still 17,000 French households not connected

In France, 250,000 households woke up in the dark yesterday morning.

At 10 p.m., Enedis indicated in a situation report that the situation had been restored for 233,000 of them, the last being supplied by a generator while waiting to be able to resume operations.

Train traffic was also disrupted for part of the day because of tree branches tearing the catenaries or various objects (trampoline, tarpaulins, etc.) that fell on the tracks.


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Aurora storm: 120,000 homes still without electricity, trains still blocked

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