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In “Le Pacte”, written by Emily Chain and Anaël Verdier, four friends promise to do everything to make their dream come true.

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Here are the episodes of the week of October 22 for those who missed them ...

Episode 37 - Tell Me!

Antoine stares at his coffee.

If he has not yet sent Assane away to graze, it is only because he is a well-educated person.

His mother taught him patience.

As her father said, "With a woman, smile and listen, she will stop someday."

With a man, drink and shut up, it will save you a broken nose.

So that's what Antoine does: he drinks his third coffee and Assane still hasn't changed the subject.

- I'm sure we could make a novel of your life!

You must see so much!

- Why do you want that?

Don't you already have a subject that Louise likes?

Assane exhausts it.

- Yes, but for the next one I ...

- Complete the first one already.

It's been dry and Assane frowns.

- No need to be rude.

You are irritable in this ...

Antoine does not let his friend continue, preferring to take out his cell phone and pretend to have a call.

With a wave of his hand, he apologizes and rushes inside the bookstore, where their take-out coffee comes from - restrictions require.

Elias observes his merry-go-round and calls out to him.

- You know, Assane only wants your good.

Advice, he can't take any more.

- You know what would be good?

Let them all stop wanting to run my life.

It's not living to put pressure on yourself as soon as the sun rises so as not to waste a minute of that ...

- This side ?

- You know well.

Freedom, time… They seem to think that I am wasting my life, but in the meantime I have many more anecdotes to tell than them!

Elias narrows his eyes.

- That's why he turned to you.

He wanted your help.

He realizes the bookseller is right, but when he turns around, his friend is missing.

Episode 38 - Heartbreak

- So, Toinou, how are things with Alice?

Samia knows her friend is frankly seduced, but she won't tell Antoine about it until he shares her impressions.

He finds Samia in the park next to his agency, where she invited him to share a salad on a corner of the bench, facing the lake.

The ducks drift without hurrying, like Antoine's answer, an elusive “Yes, that was good”.

- You, there is something that bothers you.

Antoine shrugs his shoulders, biting into his ham and butter - salads aren't really his cup of tea.

- I do not know.

She's nice, but it looks like she's ashamed of who she is and that makes me uncomfortable.

Alice, be ashamed?

Samia falls from the clouds.

This is the last impression she would have of her friend.

Samia questions Antoine, who specifies:

- She does not assume to be unemployed, as if it were a defect.

- And that's why you have reservations?

has fun Samia.

Antoine shrugs his shoulders.

- I don't know, he evades.

- Are you going to see her again?

Antoine kicks a pebble into the lake, and is scolded by a disgruntled duck.

- Why do you care so much?

he asks sharply.

Samia recoils:

- I'm interested in you, that's all.

- Yes, well start by taking an interest in your phony marriage, there, and let me manage my love life as I want!

Without giving Samia time to answer him, Antoine gets up and leaves the park with long strides.

Episode 39 - Once again ...

When Antoine jumps at the multiple rings of the doorbell, he knows it is Louise.

His impatience resonates even in his way of martyring this poor button.

- Yes, yes, I'm coming.

He sighs, turns off his television and goes to open the door for her.

Louise comes into his apartment and points an accusing finger at him.

- What did you do ?

Assane is ill and can no longer write!

He was supposed to give me the first part of his novel last night, but I got him on the phone and he explained to me that you were right, that he was bad and shouldn't be writing.

Antoine opens his mouth without knowing what to say.

- I…

- Yes ?

Louise is also annoyed that he is exhausted after having replaced, for half a day, a secretary who deserves a medal for all she does for her despotic boss.

It is not surprising that she is on leave for burnout.

- Look, I didn't tell him anything that wasn't true.

I didn't want to be in her novel and ...

- Monsieur believes himself above the worries of his friends?

The pact is not made to end up bitter and alone, Antoine!

We said we would support each other.

The proof, I even prepared a battle plan for you to find you a project and I thought that ...

- Stop.



He repeats this word, until he screams.

- I don't want to change my life.

If Assane wants to go crazy with a novel, Samia marry a stranger or you live by your job, OK.

But stop trying to tell me I have a problem.


Louise stares at him before muttering an incomprehensible word and leaving the place.


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