The Governing Board of the Madrid City Council has approved this Friday the

draft tax ordinances for the year 2022

, which will be submitted to the plenary session, and if approved will mean a reduction in the general tax rate of the Real Estate Tax (IBI), from 0.456% to 0.428%, which

will save 60 million euros



of the capital.

It is the

third consecutive year

that there has been a reduction in the IBI, something that translates, as highlighted by the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, into 300 million euros of savings, an amount that rises to

500 million

if they take into account the total taxes that Madrid residents have avoided paying to the Consistory in the last three years.

"We propose a competitive and attractive fiscal framework so that Madrid can continue to grow. The model of our city

is opposed to that of the Government of the nation

: it is not the time to raise taxes or charge more taxes, you can have better public services and more infrastructures,

the citizen paying less

", has expressed Martínez-Almeida.

At her side, the vice mayor of the capital, Begoña Villacís, has detailed that this measure will benefit

2.2 million IBI receipts,

1.5 million receipts for homes, 96,200 commercial premises,

30,000 offices

, more than 11,000 industrial buildings and 7,200 entertainment venues.

"We charge

less taxes than Seville, Barcelona, ​​Valencia

... not only does it make us more competitive as a city, but citizens also find significant help from the City Council. We are not going to carry out a


" Villacís pointed out.

In this way, the vice mayor added, the City Council continues to advance towards its objective of lowering the general tax rate of the IBI

to the legal minimum (0.4%)

in the current legislature, which ends in 2023.

"The price of electricity, gasoline ... the cost of living is higher.

But when everything goes up, the Madrid City Council goes down. It

helps people to improve their economic situation," Villacís pointed out.

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