Three men from the same family were arrested on Monday in a Travelers' camp in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme).

They were taken into police custody and then investigated for attempted murder and violating arms laws before being detained.

These arrests are the result of four months of investigation, reports

La Montagne


For this arrest, which went off without a hitch, an important gendarmerie device was set up in the early morning.

Nearly 100 soldiers, belonging to units of Puy-de-Dôme and Haute-Savoie were mobilized.

The charges against the suspects date back to June 20.

Gunshot at a party

During an associative party in Archamps (Haute-Savoie), a lead discharge fired from a vehicle seriously injured a fifty-something in the department.

The perpetrators of the shot fled.

"My clients are suspected of having revenged themselves because there would have been a first scene, during this evening, during which they would have been victims", explained the lawyer of the three accused, who deny the facts.

The firearm, however, has still not been found and several gray areas remain.

In addition to the three suspects, two female relatives were arrested along with them.

They were eventually released and placed under judicial supervision, along with a fourth man.


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