It only took a few hours for investigators to arrest a first suspect.

This Thursday, it was finally seven men from Brittany and Paris who appeared before the court of Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d'Armor) for an attempted theft in an Apple store in Lannion, reports

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While the court acquitted two of them, the other five were sentenced to mixed sentences, ranging from 12 months in prison, including six with probationary suspension to 24 months in prison, including 12 with probationary suspension.

It was by triggering the alarm in the store concerned on the night of July 20, 2020 that the police had been warned of the attempted break-up.

Dispatched on the spot, the police had found the curtain of the shop half-up and many clues including an abandoned truck, before viewing the CCTV images.

"It is on returning to the police station, around noon, that they see a man, whose outfit, with reflective bands, reminds them of a suspect on the video," said the president of the correctional hearing to which our colleagues Have attended.

A bunch of amateurs

This first suspect who had left his fingerprints in the abandoned vehicle in the shop quickly admitted the facts.

He then told investigators that he had been contacted to drive the truck between Paris and Lannion before and after the breakage.

Two other suspects from Paris accompanied him.

On the road to Brittany, they found several accomplices, responsible for locating and tracking the goods.

Another had for mission to keep watch at the time of the forfeit.

All were arrested quickly after the fact.

Hence the qualification of "disorganized gang" by one of the defense lawyers.

If the defendants had been promised sums varying between 500 and 4,000 euros, the breakage was to bring in 800,000 euros.

There remains therefore the question of the sponsors who may have escaped justice.


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