• The Bordeaux public prosecutor's office has ordered the seizure of 16 to 18 horses in Canéjan and Léognan in Gironde because of a “voluntary abandonment of tamed or captive domestic animals”.

  • This decision comes after the filing of two complaints on the part of the association Ne crin plus rien and the SPA.

  • The owner faces a heavy fine and up to three years in prison.

The images are cold in the back.

This Saturday morning, a small score of horses whose foals should be seized from a private house in Gironde after the filing of two complaints for animal abuse according to information from

20 Minutes.

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20 Minutes

, the Bordeaux prosecutor's office confirms having entrusted the Cestas brigade with an investigation by the chief "of abandonment of tame or captive domestic animals, in this case at least 16 equines whose owner resides in the town of Canéjan .

The public prosecutor's office issued earlier this week an order to two associations (

Ne crin plus rien

and the SPA) to intervene in the municipalities of Canéjan and Léognan.

The volunteers will be accompanied by the gendarmes.

"I saw horses in a bad state"

“The report came from the neighborhood,” explains Eric Martin, founder of the

Ne crin plus rien association

. I myself went there first on September 18th. I saw horses in a bad state. Without food, without water and above all very emaciated. The foals had completely atypical behavior ”. The founder of the association that has been saving mistreated or abandoned horses since 2018, decides to make recommendations to the owner to start. This is a fifty-something whose daughter participates in horse shows.

Despite the passage of the SPA a few weeks earlier to also see the damage, nothing has changed.

Eric Martin then files a complaint on Monday, September 27 for animal abuse with the Cestas gendarmerie.

The SPA does the same.

A search is organized on site with the presence of a veterinarian.

“There were some horses missing when they got there.

The owner had moved some of them.

Finally, the next day, she ended up indicating where she was hiding them under penalty of police custody, ”explains Eric Martin.

Gironde: "Ne crin more rien", an association saves mistreated or abandoned horses https://t.co/waLIXDAJkC via @ 20minutesplanet pic.twitter.com/dl8OxAzxWa

- 20 Minutes Planet (@ 20minutesplanet) January 14, 2020

The owner risks a heavy fine

"In view of the report drawn up by the veterinarian", the prosecution "authorized the seizure of equines on the basis of article 99-1 of the code of criminal procedure".

This Saturday, it is therefore expected that the association Ne crin plus rien


with the help of another structure,

recovers "18 horses", confirms Eric Martin.

Some are in a state of veterinary emergency.

According to a source close to the investigation, the owner should not oppose the seizure.

All costs will be at his expense.

She faces a heavy fine and up to three years in prison, even five years if one of her horses dies in the next few days.


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