Following the decision of the Council of State to cancel the municipal elections in Givors, a new ballot will be organized at the end of the year.

Voters will be called to the polls again on December 5, indicates the Rhône prefecture.

The second round is scheduled a week later, on December 12.

Elected in June 2020, the ecologist Mohamed Boudjellaba had beaten by a short head his main competitor and outgoing mayor, Christiane Charnay (PCF).

Barely thirty votes separated the two candidates.

Defeated, the elected Communist had filed a lawsuit denouncing "pressure" exerted on voters in two polling stations in the city.

The Lyon administrative court had ruled in his favor in February by canceling the ballot.

Mohamed Boudjellaba had appealed against this decision to the Council of State.

A special delegation installed until the ballot

While waiting to know the new identity of the mayor of Givors, a special delegation has been appointed by the prefect of the Rhône.

Composed of three members, it will be installed on October 25, 2021. The members of this delegation will then be responsible for electing a president and a vice-president to prepare the new elections.

The delegation will also take "decisions likely to ensure the continuity of municipal public services".


Givors: The election of the mayor, victorious with about thirty votes, canceled by the Council of State


Rhône: Justice cancels the election of the mayor DVG-EELV of Givors

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