China News Service, Beijing, October 21st (Jin Xu), sponsored by the Chinese Museum of Overseas Chinese History, China International Cultural Exchange Center, and co-organized by the China International Cultural Exchange Foundation, "Fifty Years on Paper-"Overseas Chinese in America Daily" (1940) -1989) Special Exhibition" opened at the Chinese Overseas Chinese History Museum on the 21st.

  This exhibition is divided into four parts: "Fenghuo Giving Birth", "World Events", "Qiaoshe Vientiane", and "Reporter Style". Through text, pictures, videos and nearly 200 (sets) of real objects, the "Chinese Overseas Chinese Daily in America" ​​is surging in the wind and clouds. In the past half century, he has used objective and true reports and fair and sharp comments for overseas Chinese and Chinese people, and played an important role in inheriting and promoting the excellent traditional Chinese culture and enhancing the friendly exchanges between the people of China and the United States.

  Sui Jun, vice chairman of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, said in his speech that the exhibition systematically sorted out the "American Overseas Chinese Daily" and displayed a panoramic view. The daily history of the newspaper itself matches with the 50-year history of overseas Chinese in the United States.

  Sui Jun emphasized that this special exhibition pays tribute to the "Overseas Chinese in America Daily" and all Chinese media that record the imprints of the times and witness the historical changes; to pay tribute to the Chinese media people who have jointly adhered to the feelings of the Chinese nation and worked silently to spread the Chinese civilization.

  At the opening ceremony, Tang Wensheng, an advisor to the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, described the close connection between her father Tang Mingzhao and the "Overseas Chinese Daily", and how she worked hard to make the full set of "Overseas Chinese Daily" experienced half a century of wind and rain when she was the vice chairman of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. Return to China and donate the story of the Chinese Overseas Chinese History Museum.

  Chen Tianxuan, the former deputy editor-in-chief of the “Overseas Chinese Daily in the Americas” delivered a video speech, recalling his efforts to promote the development of Sino-US relations and help overseas Chinese in fighting for their rights while working in the newspaper.

  After the opening ceremony, the guests came to the exhibition area to observe the exhibition, accompanied by professional explanations, carefully watched the exhibition board materials and physical exhibits, and learned in detail about the development history of the "American Overseas Chinese Daily" and the unique era contributions of the Chinese media.

  It is reported that the exhibition will last until the end of December.


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