On October 21, local time, Japan began to pass the finger vein certification to show the new crown vaccine vaccination record and the test of the new crown negative certificate.

In the future, perhaps you will be able to produce relevant certificates empty-handed.

  The specific operation method is as follows: First, the user needs to upload the vaccination certificate and negative certificate of the new crown vaccine to the relevant mobile phone software.

At the same time, use a machine that can read finger vein information within a few seconds for identity verification.

Upload the finger vein information, and then associate the mobile phone software with this.

As a result, users only need to put their fingers on the device to show the history of COVID-19 vaccination empty-handed.

  At present, Japan's new crown vaccination certificates are basically paper-based, and there is a risk of forgery and misappropriation.

However, the system can convert the information into an unchangeable form by reading different finger veins.

(Producing Sui Zhiyuan)

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